Wood Products, Inc was started in 1982 to compliment a construction company by producing custom cabinets and millwork. It has grown to be one of the finest furniture manufacturers by incorporating skilled craftsmen with state of the art machinery and equipment.

Company History

Lowell Innes, owner and President of Wood Products, Inc has been instrumental in the success of the company. He has had the vision needed to take the risk to allow for the expansion and growth of the company over the years. Lowell started construction work in the 1960's and incorporated a new construction company called Innes Construction Co., Inc in 1972. With the many houses and commercial buildings that Innes Construction Co. built there was the need for commercial cabinetry and millwork.

A new company called Wood Products, Inc was formed by Mr. Innes in 1982 to produce custom cabinets and millwork for the increasing commercial building business. Wood Products continued for many years to produce custom kitchen cabinetry and millwork among with the commercial cabinets and millwork for the construction company's clients. The experience gained over the years led to the designing and manufacturing of our outdoor cedar line. This line took the company from a regional to a national sales level. With the national growth came new specialized machinery and expansion of the plant to 160,000 square feet. The national exposure led to a new high-end indoor furniture manufacturing division.

We currently employ 105 craftsmen and designers to efficiently manage Wood Products, Inc. We have the expertise and experience to continue our growth well into the next generation by continuing with the new product developments, acquiring new state of the art equipment and employee educating and retention strategies. We are ready for new challenges we will face in the future arena.

Wood Products, Inc Specializes in the Following Area:

Middle to High-End Furniture Manufacturing
Custom Manufacturing
Custom Furniture Design
Custom Finishing
Large Variety of Outdoor Furniture
Small to Large Volume Orders.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss working with you to provide you with the quality and affordable wood products for your home or business.

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